Where there’s tea, there’s hope

The Shop for Change welcomes a new seller, Original T-Bag Designs, to our online marketplace. This unique social enterprise uses objects that so many of us toss aside every day – used teabags – and turns them into gorgeous and functional items.   

‘A woman is like a tea-bag.  You only know how strong she is when she is put in hot water.’ – Eleanor Roosevelt

This organisation was founded by artist Jill Heyes with the aim of empowering women living in the informal settlement of Imizamo Yethu, Cape Town. There are few employment opportunities in this impoverished community, where many people live with HIV/AIDS and struggle to access basic human rights such as safe water, proper sanitation and education. Original T-Bag Designs provides a group of women (and a few men) with the opportunity to earn a stable income, thus improving their sense of self worth and daily quality of life.

The used bags are dried, emptied, ironed and painted carefully by hand. These miniature works of art are then applied to purposeful products such as greeting cards and other stationery, decor items, tableware, bags, accessories and gifts. The possibilities that this art form opens up are endless and the team is constantly adding new products to the range.

If you would like to see how such a humble, everyday item such as a teabag can be transformed into something so striking and full of hope, then head on over to The Shop!

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