Enlightened Everlane

If you are interested in fair trade and fair prices, we think you will love Everlane. Their take on ethical fashion is an ethos of ‘radical transparency’ that invites you to find out where your clothes were made, how they were created and exactly how much it cost to make them.  

Annoyed by the fact that so many retailers expect their customers to pay outrageously inflated prices, 20-something Michael Preysman set out to create a fashion company that breaks the rules.

His brainchild, Everlane, is an online-only store that sells beautifully-made basics at close-to-cost prices. This is possible because there is no middleman and none of the expenses that come with owning a bricks-and-mortar business (which are most often passed on to you).

This doesn’t mean that they sacrifice on quality. They just don’t overextend themselves. Everlane focuses on unfussy wardrobe staples that are created in-house by a team of designers who call themselves ‘obsessive’. They pare down each collection, offering only a few items in each category so there’s more freedom to perfect the pieces that they do choose to bring to market.    

The Everlane team pours energy into finding factories that meet their strict ethical and quality standards. Their ethos of ‘radical transparency’ means you can trace the provenance of each piece and find out all about the factory that made the fabric and other elements of the garment.  In cases where the factory manufactures the entire item, the Everlane team likes to be involved at every stage of the process.

For more ethical fashion that breaks the mould, why not check out The Social Studio at The Shop for Change?

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