Photo: Cecille Chavez

Social Studio’s Colour Chameleon

It was a kaleidoscope of colour when Australia’s favourite artist Ken Done joined emerging fashion designers for The Colour Chameleon Project at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

The project, which continues with a fashion event next month, aims to highlight the values of creativity, sustainability and education for young people in the fashion and design industry.

At the fashion week event, each designer created a one-off textile design in response to its theme, with the garments then made available at a live auction and parade. All funds raised for the project supported Sydney fashion concept store, The Social Outfit, and Melbourne social enterprise The Social Studio, both offering education, support and training to Australia’s refugee communities.

Featured designer Limedrop said: “Chameleons are nature’s little hyper-colour creations. We love the way they can adapt to any environment and fit in seamlessly to all surrounds.” "We would love to have such a secret power! The Limedrop Chameleon Print is a colourful playful design. It features the curious creatures cut out like stickers collaged onto a lavender background."

Other designers included in the project were Linda Jackson, Alpha 60, Bul and Obus. The project continues at a fashion event in Sydney in October. 

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(Photo credit: Cecille Chavez) 

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