Honesty is the Best Policy

The Antwerp based company Honest by proved to be avant garde when launched as the first company in the world to openly detail the full cost breakdown of its products.  

After spending the whole of 2010 exploring and discovering the developing world, designer Bruno Pieters found that his personal beliefs, notably in regards to fashion were altered. This shift in philosophy inspired the concept of Honest by, which appears to pay homage to the adage “honesty is the best policy.” Pieters was intrigued by transparency of garment fabrication and sale by the locals in India and questioned whether such a concept could be applied to designer retail manufacturing on a global scale.

From the origin of thread and buttons to store markup calculations, Honest by abides by a 100% transparency policy. The public online platform allows for other designers and retailers to share their production information with their consumers. People want more than ever to know where products come from, how they were made and who by. Honest by provides direct answers to these questions, without the smoke and mirrors. Naturally, all Honest by products are ethical and sustainable right down to the last stitch. But you don’t need us to convince you of that, just take a look on the website, it’s all there for you to read!

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