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Want to Stop Traffic?

A little while ago we introduced you to one of our sellers, Daughters of Cambodia, an organisation that helps free women and girls in Cambodia from the sex trade. With the figures showing an average of 1 in 40 women being sold at one point in their lives, the importance of the work that is done at Daughters is paramount.

It is with this in mind that we are happy to share news about the organisation’s new social enterprise White Linen. White Linen is a boutique hotel that has recently opened in Phnom Penh that offers on-the-job training, employment and counseling services to victims of Cambodia’s sex trade. 98% of women and girls who begin employment with the organisation remain out of the sex trade forever. As well as financial stability through employment, White Linen aims to reconstruct the tarnished and broken mentality of the girls and their self-worth, as it is common Cambodian belief that “women are like pure white cloth that cannot be made clean once stained.” This mentality paired with unsolicited sale into sexual slavery results in a very bleak outcome for Cambodian women. It is with social businesses such as White Linen that choice has become possible, meaning freedom from slavery for these women. 

If Cambodia is on your next travel itinerary be sure to include a few nights stay at the White Linen Hotel in Phnom Penh and help trafficked women start a new life.

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