Interweaving Technology and Tradition

Today we welcome new seller Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development to The Shop. The AASD are a Non-government organisation, working in the rural highlands of Peru, who hold a distinctive approach to development. Somehow reflecting the adage “quality not quantity,” the AASD gauges its successes through impact rather than figures. This shifts the focus to engaging with the finer details of the region and its people. The AASD works to develop communities in the region through pooled knowledge and community driven strategies.

The remote township of Choquecancha, Peru, is home to a small group of indigenous weavers. For these women, weaving is the sole means of income and way to provide for their families. Through a shared skill in weaving a sense of union and community is established amongst the women. The traditional patterns, reflecting ancient Inka pastimes and stories are passed down from mother to daughter.

The women of Choquecancha expertly integrate two cultures to create the INKAcase, a protective case for your laptop or tablet. The INKAcase highlights the intricacy and beauty of the traditional weaving aesthetic, whilst being a practical and necessary item. Available in a variety of rich colours and vibrant patterns, these textured cases are hard to pass up. No gadget is complete without accessory so why not consider a socially conscious option when choosing a snazzy sleeve for your laptop or tablet.

Head to The Shop to check out the assortment of different styles to find one that suits you.

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