Little Travellers Making a Big Difference

The Shop for Change is thrilled to welcome a new seller to the community, The Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust – Woza Moya. 21 years ago The Hillcrest AIDS Center Trust was formed to support and enrich the lives of those struggling with HIV/AIDS in South Africa. The HACT implements methods and projects that aim to solve an observed need and apply uplifting and empowering strategies simultaneously. The end goal? To solve the problem and transform mentalities in one combined effort. 

The projects and the work HACT undergoes are extensive and inspiring, in particular the craft income generation project, ‘Woza Moya.’ Initially a group of 5 crafters made up Woza Moya, ten years down the line a community of over 250 crafters has developed. Independently, the artisans work and craft unique and skillful products to support themselves and their families. Using beading, wood, wire, crochet and other crafts unique to certain artisans’ skills, beautiful objects are crafted. By being self-employed, workers gain a sense of empowerment impacting individuals’ mindset when looking towards the future. 

From home, we can get directly involved in supporting the great work of HACT, by purchasing products made by Woza Moya artisans. One product in particular being the ‘Little Travellers Dolls.’ A group of over 160 artisans from Woza Moya contribute to making the dolls. By buying a ‘Little Traveller’ you are showing your support, understanding and personally contributing to changing the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. Not only this, as the ‘Little Traveller’ idea continues to grow and spread worldwide, awareness and community is being built through the motif of the little beaded dolls. For crafters, seeing a small thing such as this grow and build around the world has a huge impact on how people living with the disease see themselves and their lives. Support and understanding is demonstrated through the symbol of the ‘Little Traveller,’ right across the world.

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